About Us

About Us:
ACE Corporation LLP is a new start up company form in 2016.  George, an experienced administrator with 25  years of interaction with  government and non governmental agencies.  Thomas is a technopreneur  with more than 25 years of regional experience in Asia Pacific in greenfield and new business development.

Together we see the trend in convergence of technology integration and adoption through out the products we use today.  We also see healthy lifestyle management trending upwards rapidly in an aging population globally and the needs to adopt a green sustainable environment in the future.

ACE has created 3 departments namely Event Organizer of Technology and Innovation, Lifestyle Product with unique and  affordable innovation and lastly technological advanced products and applications. Our inaugural upcoming international event to be held at Singapore Expo from 30th Nov to 2nd Dec 2016. More than 20 countries will be participating in this 21st World Electronic Forum and CETIASIA (Customers, Electronics, Innovation and Technology). Experience the Future. Featuring Transportation Technology.  Visit www.cetiasia.com for more details

We are proud to be the international distributor for JRMA Led lighting, powerbank and power adaptor solutions.

We have also developed a new heat barrier glass coating solutions that block the heat from the sun by 16-18 degree Centigrade at the surface.

We have also introduced a new antibacterial water ozone system that raised the level of hygiene and sanitation naturally.



Very special pricing just for CETIASIA 2016 from 30th Nov to 2nd Dec 2016 (3days only) for delivery in Singapore. Other destination to be advice accordingly